Tom Collins wrote:
> On Dec 28, 2003, at 1:56 PM, Andrea Riela wrote:
> You'll have to compile vpopmail with the --enable-qmail-ext option.
> I'm not sure if it is guaranteed to work at that point, but it's a
> start... 


I send a message from external account ( to
[EMAIL PROTECTED]; I receive the qconfirm message "Please confirm your
message; I send the answer to qconfirm, but: 1. I haven't error messages in
current log or in maillog 2. I haven't my email in the postmaster maildir
(and not user1) 3. I have nothing :) user1 don't receive the email

In .qmail file created by qconfirm (in this case,
.qmail-smartnet-qconfirm-6809bfbd19b1fc91f6954faefb89598e) I've the string:
|qconfirm-accept 'poste:it=-andrea:riela' 

Then I've tryed to type in console:
qconfirm-accept 'poste:it=-andrea:riela'
I've received an error:
observe# qconfirm-accept 'poste:it=-andrea:riela'
qconfirm-accept: fatal: environment variable EXT not set.

Probably this is the way.
Another suggestion?

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