Dave [HS] wrote:

In the process of moving all mailing lists to their own email account
for organizational purposes (stuck with using Outlook 2002 at the office
so this helps organize things).

Noticed that now when checking some 24 mail lists, each on separate POP
accounts, that only 4 are ever checked at any given time.  Occasionally
those 4 will complete and I will get 8 (another 4 near the bottom of the
list).  Previously have only had to check 3 at any given time on the
domain, and previous version of Outlook (2000) checked only 1 account at
a time rather than multithreading and doing (trying) all accounts at the
same time.

Have disabled virus and firewall protections between Outlook and the
vpopmail install to ensure it wasn't a setting there(since all the
accounts are not in use and it is checking empty POP boxes) but the
problem persists.  I can't find documentation on MS end of things
indicating any limitations to the number of concurrent POP per server,
and since it is checking another dozen or so accounts at the same time
without problems...  Leads me to believe it may be on the server end of

Mail logs show the 4 connections normally, but no failures or anything
for the additional connections.  Doing a send receive individually works
like a charm, it is only when the server gets all 24 requests at once
that it returns only 4.  Any settings in vpopmail or related libraries
with the qmail install that may be causing this?



How are you running qmail? If you are running it thru inetd, that could be your bottleneck, if you are using deamontools, make sure you set tcpservers max connection limit high enough :)


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