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> thank you for that hint but it does not work.
> if i add the user "thomas", the path
> /path-to-vpopmail/domains/thomas/Maildir...
> is created as i want it.

If you 'vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED]' you /CAN'T/ auth against
/etc/passwd, as 'this' Thomas, with his mails being delivered to
'/path-to-vpopmail/domains/example.com/thomas/Maildir' is a member of
'example.com' and not a system user.
You have to user your complete e-mail-address as username than.

If you want /SYSTEM users/, those with a Maildir usually somewhere in
/home/..., to fetch their mails too you can compile vpopmail allowing
to authenticate against /etc/passwd (respectively /etc/shadow). If you
don't want system users to fetch their mail, but only mails from
somewhere below '/path-to-vpopmail', you should, for security reasons,
NOT enable passwd password verification at vpopmail compile time.
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