two solutions

1. Don't start qmail-send in your RC script (in case u are not
    using supervise (comment out the line having qmail-start).
    If qmail-send is already running 

    kill <pid of qmail-send> 
   If using supervise, 
   touch /service/qmail-send/down
   svc -d /service/qmail-send
   (having the down file will prevent qmail-send to come up
    the next time you reboot your m/c)

2. have 0 in the control files concurrencylocal and concurrencyremote

On Fri, 2004-01-09 at 16:41, Werner Schalk wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I know this is not the official qmail list but I might get the best answers on 
> this list here :-)
> How can I make qmail to queue every incoming mail and not sending it? I mean 
> qmail should keep every mail in its queue without actually delivering it. How 
> can I do that?
> Bye and thanks,
> Werner.
Manvendra Bhangui <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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