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[qmail should keep every mail in its queue without actually delivering it]
>> I think you need to turn of qmail-send. And possible qmail-local.

> how can I do that. Just stop the appropriate processes?

I think without additional 'init 0' this will not suffice.

Sorry, just kidding.

Of /course/ you'll just have to stop the appropriate process if you
want to "turn it of". And if it restart you'll have to restop it.
Until one of you both, you or the process, get's bored, or until you
recognized that if it gets restarted you'll have to tell the
"restarter" to stop it's action.

How? This exercise I'll left to you. Because it heavily depends
on your setup and therefore the "find the solution" process enables
you to actually understand your qmail.

P.S.: The queue will grow until the hard disk bursts and qmail will
      have a hard job when you finally restart qmail-send and the
      queue is filled up; I hope you know this facts too.
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