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> Hi folks,

> Have you ever been using ucspi-ssl to connect to pop3 service with ssl?
> I've tested that, and it works fine with vchkpw.
> The problem is the roaming: after the pop3 connection (with ssl), I look my
> /home/vpopmail/etc: the open-smtp is blank, and I've a lot .tmp files (one
> for one connection; like open-smtp.tmp.<num>, where <num> is a random
> number).

If you don't find any error logs about vchkpw failed to write data to
'open-smtp' insert a 'strace' or similar behind ssl-listener and let
it log all file open/read/write actions. You should see the error
code, and maybe even a short note printed by vchkpw, why it failed to
finish it's work.

Maybe a permission problem? Is ssl-listener or vchkpw not started as
'root' or 'vpopmail' (or whatever your vpopmail user is named)???
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