Tom Collins sent me the FreeBSD ports patch with code to enable spamassassin. 
It pretty much did the whole job except for the pw_gid flags, some changes and a new vmoduser option to disable spam assassin.
So the patch is ready ahead of schedule, whoo hoo!

I'm running it on our mail server now and it seems to be working just fine. 

The patch is up on source forge
RequestID 877367 
Summary  spamassassin patch against cvs

One thing to note. If you start spamd with the -c option it should 
automatically create the users .spamassassin directory where bayes 
files can be kept. Be careful about allowing bayes, the files can get over 1M.

I'm running spamd with these options  "-d -c -v -uvpopmail"
Currently my .spamassassin directory has these files:
|bayes_journal  bayes_seen  bayes_toks  user_prefs|
The user_prefs file is where we can have qmailadmin/vqadmin
support required_hits, safe_report and whitelists

I'll try to write up a README.spamassassin tomorrow. 

Ken Jones

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