On Thursday 15 January 2004 5:43 am, X-Istence wrote:
> Raboo Treed wrote:
> > what does the patch do exactly??
> >
> > calls spamc uppon mailcheck?
> Yes indeed, it forks, and calls spamc, gives it the message, and then
> checks the score it returns from SPAMD to then if it is over a set limit
> delete it, or otherwise it tags it and delivers it to the users maildir.

Almost but not quite. Tha'ts what the FreeBSD port patch does.
This is slightly different. 
What this does is what I posted as a proposal yesterday.
Basicly: if spamassassin is enabled, and NO_SPAMASSASSIN
bit is 0, then fork spamc, hands it the message, then puts the
resulting email in the regular file.

It does not reject the message if over a certain limit. 
All email goes through, just scanned using the users
preferences if available, otherwise the system preferences.


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