Hi All:

I have a new RedHat 8.0 mailserver with fresh installs of qmail from Bill's toaster and vpopmail 5.4.0rc2 compiled with mysql support for email account and aliases and the checkuser.mysql.tmda patch from. After completing the vpopmail install I checked to make sure that vaddomain and valias were properly adding entries to the mysql database. We also sent test emails through to make sure the checkuser patch was checking the mysql vpopmail and valias tables for valid usernames before letting mail into the server. So vpopmail 5.4.0rc2 seems to be working fine with mysql.

However, we then installed qmailadmin 1.2.0 and ran into a problem with the mysql databases. qmailadmin is properly adding and deleting email accounts from the mysql vpopmail table but it is not working at all with the mysql valias table. What I mean is that it is not reading and showing the aliases from mysql valias table and when we add and delete aliases with qmailadmin it has no effect on the valias table. In fact, adding an alias with qmailadmin adds it to the vpopmail/domain directory as if mysql had never been compiled in. It is almost as if qmailadmin was working with some program other than ~/vpopmail/bin/valias.

Can anyone help explain what we did wrong and how we can fix qmailadmin to work properly with vpopmail/mysql?


Jeff Koch

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