I'll simplify my previous email. We've installed vpopmail 5.4.0rc2 with mysql support and it works properly updating both email accounts and alias/forwards in the mysql database. We then compiled and installed qmailadmin 1.2.0 but it will only update email accounts in the mysql database. It is handling alias/forwards by writing .qmail files to the domain folders and it is NOT updating the mysql valias table. qmailadmin is also only displaying aliases from the .qmail entries in the domain folder and NOT reading the contents of the mysql valias table.

Are these versions of vpopmail and qmailadmin supposed to have compatible Mysql support ? or could we have done something wrong in the install/compile/configuration?

Any help would be appreciated. We'd like to get mysql support working with these new versions before we drop back to CDB.

We also have autoresponder 2.0.4 and ezmlm-idx .40/.53 installed - could they be interfering with mysql support?

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Jeff Koch

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