On Tue, 3 Feb 2004, Bentamix wrote:

> I would like to implement sha1 hashes support into vpopmail, I know that
> qmail only support md5 or based crypt

Depends on the OS.  I'm using Blowfish on FreeBSD, and the only thing I
had to change was the max allowed characters in vpopmail.  The system's
crypt() understands a wide range of crypt methods.

I assume there may be a replacement crypt() for you system that can do all
sorts of fancy things.  IMHO, this is easier than trying to hack all the
needed crypto stuff into vpopmail.


> I need it because iplanet only store sha1 hashes password, and crypt on
> way can't to convert..
> anybody help me ??
> regards
> Rodrigo Pinheiro

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