On Jan 29, 2004, at 7:37 PM, Charles Sprickman wrote:
First, for Tom, what are you recommending for a good devel version?
5.3.30 seems to have some lingering bugs (looking at subsequent 5.4.x
release notes).

I recommend the final 5.4.0 release... :-)

Second, something is screwy with quotas. Some users have straight delivery
via vdelivermail (no .qmail files involved), some pipe through maildrop to
get spamc filtering. For both sets of users I've seen the quota go up and
get "stuck" at a value that does not reflect reality.

Once the quota is stuck at a high value it seems that pop'ing the mail,
imap'ing the mail, or receiving new mail does not force the quota to be
recalculated.  "vuserinfo" shows the bloated quota, but "du" shows
something very different.  If I remove "maildirsize" and then re-run
"vuserinfo" the correct quota is then reported again.

Any ideas?  I haven't had time to really watch this yet as we're still
running around tweaking things...

Sorry, but I don't use quotas on my system, so I haven't dug into the quota code. My priorities are changing, and I don't expect to have much time to put toward vpopmail. We really need someone who can dig into the quotas and add debugging code to find out where the problem lies. If quotas are going up and not down, then I'd initially suspect the POP/IMAP server.

Am I correct in my understanding that courier tools (pop3d, imapd,
maildrop w/quota support, and vpopmail) all understand Maildir++ quotas
and that an access from any of these should recalculate? Any info on the
format of the "maildirsize" file?

Again, I'm not the one to ask. Bill Shupp might know, or Brian Kolaci, the person who ported some of the quota code to vpopmail.

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