On Tue, 2004-02-03 at 15:24, Tom Collins wrote:
> On Jan 29, 2004, at 7:37 PM, Charles Sprickman wrote:
> > First, for Tom, what are you recommending for a good devel version?
> > 5.3.30 seems to have some lingering bugs (looking at subsequent 5.4.x
> > release notes).
> I recommend the final 5.4.0 release...  :-)
> > Second, something is screwy with quotas. Some users have straight 
> > delivery
> > via vdelivermail (no .qmail files involved), some pipe through 
> > maildrop to
> > get spamc filtering.  For both sets of users I've seen the quota go up 
> > and
> > get "stuck" at a value that does not reflect reality.
> >
> > Once the quota is stuck at a high value it seems that pop'ing the mail,
> > imap'ing the mail, or receiving new mail does not force the quota to be
> > recalculated.  "vuserinfo" shows the bloated quota, but "du" shows
> > something very different.  If I remove "maildirsize" and then re-run
> > "vuserinfo" the correct quota is then reported again.
I've experienced this with several versions of courier and several
versions of vpopmail. Seeing as the way I read the maildir++ "standard"
each time you manipulate a maildir its your job to update the
maildirsize file, then what deletes messages without adding subtraction
lines to maildirsize is at fault. I'd guess that'd be courier.
> >
> > Any ideas?  I haven't had time to really watch this yet as we're still
> > running around tweaking things...
> Sorry, but I don't use quotas on my system, so I haven't dug into the 
> quota code.  My priorities are changing, and I don't expect to have 
> much time to put toward vpopmail.  We really need someone who can dig 
> into the quotas and add debugging code to find out where the problem 
> lies.  If quotas are going up and not down, then I'd initially suspect 
> the POP/IMAP server.
> > Am I correct in my understanding that courier tools (pop3d, imapd,
> > maildrop w/quota support, and vpopmail) all understand Maildir++ quotas
> > and that an access from any of these should recalculate?  Any info on 
> > the
> > format of the "maildirsize" file?
> Again, I'm not the one to ask.  Bill Shupp might know, or Brian Kolaci, 
> the person who ported some of the quota code to vpopmail.
Anybody better informed correct me if I'm wrong, but maildirsize is
pretty simple. The second line is a base usage number, determined when
the file is written, and each subsequent line is a size and a modifier. 
15000S (base quota of 15000 bytes)
0 0 (no mail when we create the maildirsize)
100 1 (1 100byte message file)
-100 -1 (deleted 100byte message file)
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