> Hi,
>       I would like to know if there's some program to replace 
> qmail-scanner 
> (I don't even need the anti-spam feature, I wanna just scan 
> my messages 
> with ClamAV). I have lots of mail servers and some of them 
> are too large 
> to run things written in perl. I'm looking for something made 
> with real 
> programming language, like C or C++.
>               Eduardo M. Bragatto.

There is a qmail queue replacement (much like qmail-scanner) written in

It is called qmail-qfilter. http://untroubled.org/qmail-qfilter/

Works with either QMAILQUEUE patch or, with a minor code modification to
the source code, as qmail-queue replacement.

Tom Walsh
Network Administrator

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