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> I am curious about qmail-qfilter though...

It's only a wrapper for you being able to use a arbitrary filter
program. You'd have to write one that extracts the mail first and
passes it parts to AV-scanner nevertheless when using qmail-qfilter.

All instructions in qmail-qfilter I've found point at least to shell
scripts as interim, surely a plus over loading Perl engine all the
time, but not "the goal" IMHO. qmail-qscan execs 'ripmime' (a C
written program as well) to extract messages and than invokes (for
performance: hopefully C written) AV-scanner. It finally passed the
message (when AV test returned negative) to qmail-queue (unless one
modified the config, as I did ;-) ).

IMHO this is (from PoV "performance") not comparable with
qmail-qfilter or qmail-scanner. But if one does not need the full
power of qmail-scanner a good choice as it seems.
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