On Thu, 5 Feb 2004, Tom Collins wrote:

> This is a bug we've tried to squash multiple times in vdelivermail.  I
> thought that in 5.4.0, we had finally ironed out the problems that
> resulted in Delivered-To containing the domain name twice.

At least I'm not crazy.  I've never been able to get "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" to work

> If you have a .qmail-alias file with direct Maildir delivery, qmail
> handles the delivery directly, and vdelivermail doesn't have an
> opportunity to rewrite that header.

It seems this hack that's floating around (and that I'm using) takes care
of that:

USERNAME=`echo ${VDIR##*/}`
USERHOST=`PWDTMP=${VDIR%/*}; echo ${PWDTMP##*/}`

(USERNAME in place of EXT, USERHOST in place of HOST for readability in a
very long default maildrop config)


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