Anders Brander said:
> Hi,
> On Thu, 2004-02-12 at 02:15, Jake S wrote:
>> Also, perhaps instead of "you have to wait xx minutes" maybe you can
>> just
>> list 0 messages.
> The idea of listing 0 messages (as new) could lead to some support
> nightmares. A customer consequently using the wrong password, and there
> is no sign that anything is wrong - or worse, some third malicious part
> causing this.
> /Anders
I'm not seeing your logic.... if a user has made it to checking their
inbox then the credentials would have already been checked via vchkpw,
correct or not and the appropriate errors would be listed.

Also, with a timeout error code your bound to get support calls asking if
you can bend the rules for that user because they have a "very" important
message (usually larger penis ads) verses you simply say no new messages
and no one knows the difference.

Just some thoughts

Either way I'd like to see that patch!

Thank you,
Jake S

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