Hi there !
Thanks for your suggestions.

Currently the patch works IP based. I write a file for each logged in IP to
a directory, where I mark the time of the first login.
Then I count the number of logins during the next xx minutes in that file,
If the number exceeds, I show the message to the user, which is in my
opinion mandatory, because otherwise the user will be confused (but I think
of showing only the minutes and not the exact time ?!...)

Maybe it would be also better to do the whole thing username based, because
if some users use masquerading they have to "share" their total login

Some technical things:
*) I patched qmail-pop3d.c, because I found no way to put a message to the
mailclient (-ERR ......) from vchkpw.c !
    Is there any ?
*) I use sprintf-function for converting an integer to a char-array
(string). Is there any better way ?

Thanks for your help !
I will improve the patch and send it to you via mailing list !


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