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I'm interested in the PHP extensions you have for the current versions of vpopmail.

Since I got more than one response, I'll answer on the list...

I have changed vpopmail_auth_user (which calls vauth_user) so it returns false if the username/password/domain is invalid, or for a good login an array containing the password file information for the current user. The existing function only returns true/false.

I am adding support for the following vpopmail functions:

vset_limits, vdel_limits, (vget_limits is already there) vset_lastauth, vget_lastauth, vget_lastauthip, vget_ip_map, vadd_ip_map, vdel_ip_map, vshow_ip_map, vauth_getpw, vauth_getall, valias_remove valias_select_names

I am adding the following functions to vpopmail (If Tom allows them...) and adding support for them in the extension:

valias_select_names, valias_select_names_next, valias_select_names_end

These functions retrieve just the sorted names of aliases for a domain.

I just got it to compile with no errors for the first time. There are probably a couple of days of testing before I publish the code. I think there is a conflict in the version checking code in config.m4 and the latest version of vpopmail. I just added some #define's and #undefs in the code to bypass it. I believe something better must be done before it is submitted to PECL, but that is not very high on my prioroty list.

I am testing the extension running PHP as an Apache module, with Apache running as vpopmail:vchkpw. I think it should also run from CGI as long as it is run as the vpopmail user. I don't see any way to get around running as the mail system user, and considering how easy it is to setup a separate instance of Apache I don't see any reason to worry about anything else. If you don't agree, now is the time to show me a better way.

Have you also done any work on extensions for ezmlm-idx?

No, and I don't think there is anything that deserves to be in an extension. The vpopmail extension is an adapter to the libvpopmail library. Ezmlm is a program, all you do is select the parameters and exec() the program. That is easier to do in PHP, I can't see any advantage to doing it in a c extension.

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