On Mon, 2004-02-16 at 21:19, X-Istence wrote:
> > If you don't agree, now is the time to 
> > show me a better way.
> How about a public private key sort of thing like SSH?
> Using named pipes as a means to "talk" to each other. This would require 
> a deamon. Or even, just exec, and having a binary setuid vpopmail:vchkpw 
> and talk over stdin, and stdout. Redirecting stderr to a log file of 
> some sort, to log bad auth's, and good ones. And the changes done. This 
> would be better than running apache as vpopmail:vchkpw. But that is 
> totally up to you, i prefer not to run two different apache's side by 
> side, just one, running as www:www :)

vmailmgr does such a thing since there isn't just one user for all
domains.  It's quite handy, using ucspi-unix and having php talk to the
socket and speaking a protocol.

coupled with vmail.inc, you can do just about anything with vmailmgr and
php.  I think there's a squirrelmail plugin for it, which is pretty
nice, since then users don't have to log into a seperate interface to
change password, vacation reply, etc.

I think a daemon would be an excellent addition to vpopmail.


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