On Mon, 2004-02-16 at 11:15, Mathias Haas wrote:
> I added an alias for a domain that I host, but messages to mailinglists 
> in that domain do not reach their destination, instead I get:
> ezmlm-reject: fatal: List address must be in To: or Cc: (#5.7.0)

yes, that will happen.

you can use the -T option to ezmlm-reject in the .qmail-list file for
the mailing list to prevent this behavior.

from man ezmlm-reject (ezmlm-idx):

       -t     (Default.)  Reject messages that do not have  the  list 
address  in  the  ``To:''  or
              ``Cc:'' header(s).  ezmlm-reject needs access to
dir/outhost and dir/outlocal to check
              this. This check is silently omitted if dir is not
specified, to assure backwards com-
              patibility with existing ezmlm lists.

       -T     Do not require the list address in the ``To:'' or ``Cc:''

(If you want better formatting, read the manpage from your terminal ;)


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