I'm planning to convert from a normal vpopmail setup to a mysql setup.
I have been looking at the vconvert program but both the manpage and the
docs are poor.

I run it with:
./vconvert -c -m
and it says "converting .... done" on all my domains.

but where is the mysqldump? How am I suppoed to put it into the db?

The docs says:
"Most current vpopmail users would probably be interested in how to convert
current domains into mysql domains. To make it simple to convert an entire
machine to mysql, use the following command: vconvert -c -s This will go
through all the domains in ~vpopmail/domains directory and read each vpasswd
file and load the contents into the vpopmail.vpopmail mysql table."

But where do I specify the passord for the database??

I am moving this setup to another server and converting it to mysql.

I also already have a vpopmail setup running on yet another server with
mysql, how will merging these two installs work out? Problems?


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