> This bug was only recently fixed.  It will be in the next release of
> vpopmail.  Unfortunately, I started making significant changes to the
> database backends before forking off a 5.5 development series.  I will
> try to split the codebase and release a 5.4.3 that includes only fixes
> to existing problems, and leave the database updates to 5.5.0.

Tom, is it neccessary to apply this patch if only using vmoduser (without
using qmailadmin)?

When using vmoduser to change the quota for a user, the maildirsize file
does disappear, but it is re-created when a new messages comes in.  When
this happens it seems to work correctly (reflects the change in quota size
correctly).  So does this mean it's "ok" to use vmoduser to change user
quota without the patch?

Paul Oehler
NEXCESS.NET Internet Solutions

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