On Mar 9, 2004, at 8:17 AM, Darek Milewski wrote:
I've noticed an abberrant behaviour from vpopmail illustrated below. Both are for the same user of domain tld.com. 'hostname' is the hostname of the machine.

Mar 9 08:12:02 hostname.tld.com: vpopmail set sender to [EMAIL PROTECTED] using -f
Mar 9 09:29:54 hostname.tld.com: vpopmail set sender to_ [EMAIL PROTECTED] using -f

Some notes on the setup:

The main qmail install and SquirrelMail are running on separate systems. The system which hosts SquirrelMail has ~vpopmail and /var/qmail mounted via NFS so we can run vpopmail commands on both with no problem. Outgoing mail send via squirrelmail is submitted to sendmail (not the qmail substitute, the actual sendmail-submit setup on FreeBSD 4.9).

Those error messages are from sendmail, and they're talking about user "vpopmail", not a vpopmail program. In this case, SquirrelMail must be running as user vpopmail for some reason.

You'd need to look at SquirrelMail to see why it's using the wrong sender address for outbound email. Switching to qmail's sendmail replacement would probably make the errors go away, but they'd still be going out with inaccurate sender information.

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