Alessandro A. wrote:

Hello everyone,
I need implementing a large scale mail server for multi-domain hosting. I'm
consider using Qmail on FreeBSD. What's the best solution for scalability?
1. Qmail-ldap (qmail with ldap patch) + courier-imap
2. Qmail + Vpopmail compiled with ldap support + courier-imap

What solution is more stable? I need scalability and stability...vpopmail is
good with ldap support?
If yes, what is the best version of Vpopmail I should use?

Thanks in advance!

Alessandro A.

I think (not from own experience, though) that technically, qmail+ldap is probably the most scaleable.
But it needs a lot of know-how to get started.
From my experience, a setup like this:

is way quicker to get into production.

How large is "large" for you ?


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