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>> > Mar 14 15:29:26 icebear vpopmail[3787]: vchkpw-pop3: vpopmail user not
>> > found web150p1@:
>> [...]
>> > Have someone of you an idea how I can block these user or how I can
>> > add this IP temp. into iptables?
>>  $> echo '' >>~vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp
>>  $> clearopensmtp
>> Assuming your tcp.smtp file is located in ~vpopmail/etc.
>> You'll not need to make an effort and configure IPTABLES, tcpserver is
>> able to reject the connection by itself (when told in .cdb file).

> Will I have a chance to fight against BruteForce-Attacks?

No. Not this way. You'll need a patch discussed not long ago which
logs the login attempts and reacts according to this data.
Have a look at the archive for further information. The subject of
corresponding thread was

"Heureka! Finished POP3-Frequency-Patch (against bruteforcing)"

initiated by

knom <knom19 at gmx.net>
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