Ken Jones wrote:
I added the spamassasin features to the cvs version today.

New configure option:
--enable-spamassassin With this option, spamassassin is turned on by default

New vmoddomlimits options
-gc disable spamassassin for whole domain
-gx enable automatically deleting email marked as spam

Do we get to set the limit? Like i prefer to not delete anything over 4, but delete anyting higher than 8. If we delete anything marked as spam, it would delete at level 4, which is not what i would like, as i have one or two messages daily that are from family and friends that are at that level, but i cant whitelist them all one by one. Anything over 8 would really be spam, and i could care less about them.

New vmoduser options -f disables spamassassin for a user -F enable automatic deletion of email marked as spam for a user

To make it as clean as possible and support individual users
spam assassin preferences, it only calls spamd when writing
the email to a users Maildir. It uses the spamassassin vpopmail
features to read a users .spamassassin/user_prefs file. And uses
spamd with a unix socket. Right now the spamd options are
hard coded in vdelivermail.c

using spamc right?

I found some problems with the current SpamAssassin 2.63 code
for automated creation of user_prefs files. I'll post the patch to
vpopmail source forge and submit it to the spamassassin folks.

I had posted a patch for this before, but it was rejected, for some reason it is unable to create it at the moment, and it causes spamassassin to hang for ages (over 300 seconds per message) for some unknown reason before just letting it pass.

We have been using the code in production for weeks with
no problems. So hopefully it will work for you.

Good to know :)

Ken Jones


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