Ken wrote:
On Sunday 14 March 2004 6:42 pm, X-Istence wrote:

-gx enable automatically deleting email marked as spam

Do we get to set the limit? Like i prefer to not delete anything over 4, but delete anyting higher than 8. If we delete anything marked as spam, it would delete at level 4, which is not what i would like, as i have one or two messages daily that are from family and friends that are at that level, but i cant whitelist them all one by one. Anything over 8 would really be spam, and i could care less about them.

You could always whitelist_from email from family and friends
then delete everything over 4. That's what I do. Seems to
work really well. We are going to start integrating control
over the user_prefs file into qmailadmin, so you could manage your whitelist_from lists.

Thats exactly what i had hoped to avoid, i have a lot of family and friends, and adding them one by one, and then email adress changes is kind of hard. I will look into adding a patch to put the double check in place, so that it has the functions that i am looking for, and allows them to be turned on and off at will, also specifying a limit.



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