* Markus Schmitt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2004-03-15 16:46]:
> I am running netqmail-1.05 + vpopmail 5.4.3 + qmail-scanner 1.20st +
> SpamAssassin + Clamuko (ClamAV) + QmailAdmin.

> I patched netqmail with the Patch
> 'netqmail-1.05-tls-smtpauth-20040207.patch' to get ESTMP functions.


> Now my Problem is that if i change uid / gid to vpopmail i get a "451
> tempory qq failed". So it tried with changing permissions of vchkpw and
> using Qmail's uid/gid or also qscan uid/qid.

> Now i could not authenticate with correct username / password through client
> (SMTP). Webmail (SqWebmail) works fine.
> POP3 works also fine.
> In the log files (smtpd/log or qmail/log or mail) i can't find any entry
> correspondending to vchkpw-smtp...

Ignore SpamAssassin, ClamAV, Qmail-Scanner and sqwebmail for the moment.
They have nothing to do with your problem. Try to get SMTP AUTH running
without them first.

Remove the hostname ( from your startup
script -- it is not used anymore if you aure using smtp-auth.0.42 from
Erwin Hoffmann.

Check permissions:
$ ls -l /home/vpopmail/bin/vchkpw
-rwx--x--x    1 vpopmail vchkpw      64104 Mar  9 10:58 /home/vpopmail/bin/vchkpw

Excerpt from my /var/qmail/supervise/qmail-smtpd/run:

QMAILDUID=`id -u vpopmail`
QMAILDGID=`id -g vpopmail`
MAXSMTPD=`head -1 /var/qmail/control/concurrencyincoming`
MYSELF=`head -1 /var/qmail/control/me`
RBL="...." # please ignore me
[...]      # some sanity checks

exec /usr/local/bin/softlimit -m 25000000 \
  tcpserver -v -R -l $MYSELF \
            -u "$QMAILDUID" -g "$QMAILDGID" -c "$MAXSMTPD" \
            -x /home/vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp.cdb 0 smtp \
     $RBL /var/qmail/bin/qmail-smtpd \
     /home/vpopmail/bin/vchkpw /bin/true 2>&1

Further advice: do not set QMAILQUEUE in your startup file. It is quite
easy to patch vpopmail.c to write it to open-smtp by itself.

Contact my in private email if you need further advice.

Hope this helps,


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