I am new to the list.

The last weeks I tried to research on php based vpopmail manager. The nearest I found 
were some vpopmail php extensions in PECL that are v. 0.2 (beta).

We have a web publishing software in php/Smarty/PostgreSQL and we run 
qmail/vpopmail/ezmil. What we are looking for is vpopmail management possibility form 
within php. We need to build a three level system - 1) where server administrators can 
give max. number e-mail accounts per domain (this can be enforced with the db) 2) 
where the domain administrators can create e-mail accounts and 3) where the account 
users can manage their accounts (password, auto-responder). Later we will extend that 
to cover ezmlm.

As we did not find anything like that so far - I would like to ask if anybody knows 
anything similar. If not - we would like to write it ourselves and if anybody is 
interested in similar functionality - we could specify/write it together.

It can be open source.



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