If you are thinking of doing this, you might want to look at the updated vpopmail extension I have here:


It has quite a few new functions, and allows most of QmailAdmin's functionality, if you are willing to configure your web server to run as the vpopmail user.

If you want to look at what I've done with pMailAdmin, let me know off list, and I'll send you a copy.

Rick Widmer

Iavor Raytchev wrote:


I am new to the list.

The last weeks I tried to research on php based vpopmail manager. The nearest I found were some vpopmail php extensions in PECL that are v. 0.2 (beta).

We have a web publishing software in php/Smarty/PostgreSQL and we run qmail/vpopmail/ezmil. What we are looking for is vpopmail management possibility form within php. We need to build a three level system - 1) where server administrators can give max. number e-mail accounts per domain (this can be enforced with the db) 2) where the domain administrators can create e-mail accounts and 3) where the account users can manage their accounts (password, auto-responder). Later we will extend that to cover ezmlm.

As we did not find anything like that so far - I would like to ask if anybody knows anything similar. If not - we would like to write it ourselves and if anybody is interested in similar functionality - we could specify/write it together.

It can be open source.



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