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I know this is a little off topic, but still sort of related. Im
putting together spec's for a new replacement server to host our
qmail/vpopmail install and im thinking of using something similar
to below. I was just interested in others oppinions/feedback in
that someone may have had good or bad experiences with something
similar. The system really shouldn't be under a huge load so I
don't think what I have chosen will be a problem, but in the event that we put on a load of users in a short period of time it
would be nice to know that the system will handle it.

P4 3.2Ghz
2Gb DDR 400
Adaptec 2410 Serial ATA Raid controller
4 x Serial ATA 120Gb disks

We don't use serial ATA but we do use UDMA 100 ATA drives on one of our mail servers.

AMD Athlon 1000Ghz
2 MAXTOR 6L040J2 (Hardware ATA raid)

About 8000 users with clamd scanning. SA spamc scanning on a dedicated SA server.

Load averages about 0.14

See http://newmail.axess.com/qmailmrtg/



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