From: "Iavor Raytchev" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> I posted here a couple of days ago a note about the php vpopmail extension
> and I got in touch with Rick Widmer who has done some progress on it. As I
> wrote then - we want to write high level php/Smarty GUI for vpopmail
> management module.
> The main stumbling block seems the need to run Apache as vpopmail user. I
> have not investigated deep enough, but this seems to be one of the main
> reasons why the extension is somehow dead.
> In our company we had a discussion on the issue and the prevailing opinion
> is that we should not waste time with the extension, but write a daemon.
> This weekend we will experiment with that.
> Today, searching more in depth on the issue - I found some postings on
> list by people who are in favour of daemon.


On the server side I'd suggest either daemon or (simplier one) triggering.
By triggering I mean, that applying changes from UI would cause a creation
of special trigger file with some instructions for a cron job started every

In other project we widely use triggering for publishing data from staging
CMS to live one. Besides we crate new virtual hosts etc using same way.

Triggering could only do things tha require running dedicated to vpopmail
programs that need to have an RW access to ~vpopmail/ The rest could be done
at the level of PHP extension as it only requires MySQL access. Ok, I know
there are other auth modules that MySQL but AFAIK the latter is most

On the other hand, a daemon would give an opprotunity to have a centralized
management since many vpopmailinstallations could be managed from one
client. That I'd like also since I got many vpopmails installed on my
customers servers.

Anyway we choose I can give my 0,03EUR to PHP coding :-)


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