On Wednesday 07 April 2004 12:44 am, Rick Widmer wrote:
> So, is it safe to assume that +OK means a command was accepted, and no
> data will be returned, and +OK+ means a that data follows?

Yes. What do you think about that idea. 
It should make it easier to parse the return.

Currently it always returns either:
"+OK "
always 4 characters long.

For a "+OK " keep reading untill untill "\r\n"

For "+OK+" keep reading untill "\r\n.\r\n"
A line with just a . on it like the pop3 protocol

For "-ERR" keep reading untill "\r\n"

For stream oriented readers like FILE * in C
you can always read untill a newline "\r\n\"

I'll upload the code into cvs today so you can get
the latest code from there.


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