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>>> I got strange problem. I don;t know when (what version) but
>>> suddenly a domain that have different that ~vpopmail/domains home
>>> stopped authorizing using vchkpw.
>>> Is this a bug in vchkpw?
>>Probably not. What user is qmail-popup run as? Probably not a user
>>(UID) that is allowed to chdir() to 'klub.olga.pl' domain directory or
>>read vchkpw.cdb in there?
> I use mysql backend. qmail-popup runs as vpopmail and "klub.olga.pl" is 770
> for apache.vchkpw what is corresponding to /var/qmail/users/assign.

So go on and debug manually where it fails:

su -c 'printf "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" | \
  strace -fF -o /tmp/x -s 4096 \
  ~vpopmail/bin/vchkpw printenv 3<&0 || echo "Failed: $?"' - vpopmail

Inspect /tmp/x where vchkpw failed.

This assumes you're:
- running Bash
- using Linux

If you're not using Linux but a *BSD replace 'strace' with an
appropriate call to 'truss'.

>>Why does Hawaii have interstate highways?
> And why..?

Don't know. It's a tagline from a 2k+ lines file, randomly choosen
(not even by myself, but by my MUA).
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