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Friday, April 16, 2004, 3:05:20 AM, you wrote:

>>> I got strange problem. I don;t know when (what version) but suddenly a
>>> domain that have different that ~vpopmail/domains home stopped authorizing
>>> using vchkpw.
>>> [...]
>>> Is this a bug in vchkpw?
>> Probably not. What user is qmail-popup run as? Probably not a user
>> (UID) that is allowed to chdir() to 'klub.olga.pl' domain directory or
>> read vchkpw.cdb in there?

> What user should qmail-popup run as? mine runs as root.

From PoV "authentication" this should be OK.

> And my problem is that my vuser isnt being authenticated at all!

What do the logs say? [tm]

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