On Monday 12 April 2004 4:22 pm, David Diaz wrote:
> Hi, I have a trouble and I hope you can help me..
> I had a "old server" with qmail, vpopmail 4.9 and sqwebmail 1.0 on linux
> 6.1 without mysql support and this is working very good... actually I need
> migrate it to other server ("new server") with newers version of vpopmail
> and sqwebmail and mysql support and handle the clear passwords option on
> the table of mysql...
> The big trouble is that on the "old server" I don't have any passwords
> files, I mean there are no one vpasswd files or vpasswd.cdb
> formart...anything... I just have a sqwebmaill pass file for each account
> and this password is crypted....
> it's very important for me to keep the original passwords for each
> user...How can import the passwords files....any idea????

If your current vpopmail setup uses mysql you won't see any
vpasswd files. All the info is stored in the database.

Ken Jones

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