Thanks Ken,

        The .qmail-default was trying to use a fastforward db (which I'm not using
anymore), and wasnt going to vdelivermail.. Thanks again.


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On Wednesday 12 May 2004 9:46 am, Andre Fortin wrote:
> Hi,
>       I'm using vpopmail 5.2.1.  I host about 400 domains, some with just
> files for forwarding and some with virtual users (MySQL backend).  I have
> one domain with a problem.
>       This particular domain has always had simple .qmail files forwarding to
> another mail system.  Now, one use would like a virtual mailbox.  I added
> the mailbox with vadduser, removed the .qmail file, and it created the
> directory and the MySQL information.  The user shows up in vuserinfo
> without a problem, and is in the database.  The user can authenticate and
> check their pop3 mailbox without a problem.  However, when someone tries
> send them a message, it bounces saying the user does not exist.  If I add
> other usernames to that domain, the same problem occurs.  If I add users
> other domains they work fine.  It seems that only this domain is having
> problems delivering mail to virtual mailboxes.  Has anyone seen this
> before?  Is there a quick fix?  Perhaps I'm overlooking something
>  The .qmail files for forwarding work fine for this domain.  Thanks in
> advance,

1) Check the .qmail-default file to make sure it has a valid
vdelivermail setup. Check it against a working domain.

2) Check the /var/qmail/users/assign file for the domain against
the other domains. Make sure the /var/qmail/users/cdb file is
newer than the assign file. If not run qmail-newu

My bet would be a wacky .qmail-default file for the domain
since mail delivery is the only thing that uses that file.

Ken Jones

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