Mário Gamito wrote:


I've compiled vpopmail witg no compiler flags and with configured options:
"./configure -without-ipv6 -enable-unicode
-enable-workarounds-for-imap-client-bugs -without-authpwd -without-authpam
-without-authuserdb -without-authcram -with-authvchkpw -without-authldap
-without-authmysql -without-authpgsql -without-authdaemon
-without-authcustom -without-authshadow --with-redhat"

Thank you for your ansewr.
The strace output follows my signature.

Warm regards,
Mário Gamito

Looks like you have removed just about every authentication lib there is while configuring. I can imagine that it dies this way....
How do you authenticate to your server?

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