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>> I assume your installation does not use MD5 routines in 'crypt()'
>> function, [...]
> Very interesting.
> It seems that the problem occured only with the migrated domains
> from other servers (the "museum" ones). Accounts created in the new
> server, or accounts which had its password changed in the new server
> does not have this problem.

Would make sense.

> Thanks a lot, Peter!

You're welcome.

> Is it possible to convert all "old" passwords from the old format
> (MD5-disabled crypt()) to the new format?

If you have plain passwords enabled: yes. Should be sufficient to
delete the encrypted passwords from vpasswd (empty the second field)
with 'awk') and let the users log in again. Authentication will/should
succeed, because the clear password is still there and encrypted
password will be set, as vchkpw recognizes it is empty.

This is from the top of my head, I haven't tested recently or with one
of the latest releases, so you're advised to test yourself with a
non-important account before applying the change globally.

Don't forget to run 'vmkpasswd $DOMAIN' after you modified the
'vpasswd' file(s) and before you try to login (e.g. via POP3).
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