I noticed that vdeluser doesn't get rid of the .qmail files for a user if
there are any. Has anyone developed a patch to do this?

Does anyone have a patch to run a script or other executable when vadddomain
or vadduser successfully completes? What I'm after is to perform some post
processing every time a domain or user is created. 

Wrapping scripts around the native commands is of course easy enough to do,
but then the WEB based tools provided by vqadmin don't benefit. I'm assuming
that the web tools call the native executables to do the heavy lifting, but
I don't know that for certain as I haven't read the sources yet.

Is there a general place to check for patches? I checked the archives before
posting, but didn't see anything relevant. 

Bill Gradwohl
(817) 224-9400 x211

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