>What files were left behind, and where did they come from?

I created a testuser for testdomain.com and noted that the user ended up in
/home/vpopmail/domains/testdomain.com/testuser as expected. 

I then manually created a .qmail-testuser file at the domain level
/home/vpopmail/domains/mydomain.com, and ran some tests and that .qmail file
did get used. I put it at the domain location instead of inside the users
directory because that's what a script I saw did.

Then I vdeluser deleted the testuser and the .qmail-testuser file was still
there. Maybe I've got the .qmail file in the wrong place. ??? 

Should a user specific .qmail file be inside the domain directory or inside
the users directory? 

If it's inside the users directory, then vdeluser will nuke it. If it has to
be at the domain level, then it would be nice for vdeluser to nuke it since
there isn't any other possible use for that file.

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