Hello List:

This is my first message on this list. Please consider me a newbie in the
area of LINUX, vpopmail, etc.

I have setup two servers as follows:

(1) A master mysql server: data.tib.com
Master MySQL server has RH9 & MySQL 4.0.20 installed.

(2) A mail server: mail.tib.com
For the mail server, I want to install RH9, Apache, qmail, vpopmail, etc.,
by following the toaster:


There is only one exception: I have installed Client MySQL on the MAIL
server. I have tested the MySQL connection from the MAIL (Client MySQL) to
the DATA (Master MySQL) server & it connects.

The problem is that all the instruction to install vpopmail is for a MySQL
to be installed on the localhost. Therefore, my question is:

Has anyone installed vpopmail & client mysql where all the data resides on a
master mysql server?

Is it even possible? If it is not possible, then what are the alternatives?

FYI, I have looked in vpopmail archives & GOOGLE, without success.

HELP, I have spent over 10 days reading, researching & pulling my hair.

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