Thank for your response. Our design is such (see my post in response to
Jeremy) that we use an internal network to access the data server. At this
point, I have no idea if latency is going to be a problem.

I may get back to you later on.

Thanks again.


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Am Fr, 2004-06-04 um 19.57 schrieb Kirti S. Bajwa:
> Hello List:
> This is my first message on this list. Please consider me a newbie in the
> area of LINUX, vpopmail, etc.
> I have setup two servers as follows:


I haven't done this either, but I think I've heard that one uses a
master-slave model because the lookups in the mysql-tables need to be as
fast as possible. And a connection to a local mysql-db is much faster
than making a remote tcp/ip-connection - the latency envolved may be
just too much.


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