I had posted a similar question couple of days ago. I have done quite a bit
research & actual installation and would like to post the following question
for somebody's help and/or recommendation:

I have setup a MAIL server with RH9, qmail, mysql, vpopmail, etc. I have
tested vpopmail by adding a domain & it works. I also have setup a DATA
server with RH9 & Master MySQL. My goal is to keep all MySQL data on the
DATA server. MAIL server & RADIUS servers go to the DATA server for MySQL
records. Latency is not a problem because all these servers are connected on
a private (192.168.237.X) network.

After I tested the MAIL server, I tried for it to create a domain on DATA
server vpopmail database. On the MAIL server I changed the
"/home/vpopmail/etc/vpopmail.mysql" from:

localhost|0|vpopmailuser|vpoppasswd|vpopmail  -to-|0|vpopmailuser|vpoppasswd|vpopmail 

where is the IP address of the DATA server. I also have tried
various other techniques but nothing seem to work. When I try adding a
domain, I get error message:

vmysql: sql error[c]: MYSQL server has gone away
(and slew of other similar error messages)

Therefore, my question is:

(1) Has anybody tried setting up vpopmail with MySQL backend data being on
server (but on the same LAN/network)?
(2) Is it even possible?
(3) If not possible, how can I move the user data to the backend MySQL DATA
server so other servers (such as RADIUS for authentication) can use it?

I have spent about two weeks on this project. Your help is highly

Thanks in advance.


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