Your answers are always very helpful. I had almost given up using mysql
backend on a master server. Now I am going to try again. I will keep posted.

Thanks again.


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On Sunday 06 June 2004 08:37 pm, Kirti S. Bajwa wrote:
> Hello:
> I had posted a similar question couple of days ago. I have done quite a
> research & actual installation and would like to post the following
> question for somebody's help and/or recommendation:
> I have setup a MAIL server with RH9, qmail, mysql, vpopmail, etc. I have
> tested vpopmail by adding a domain & it works. I also have setup a DATA
> server with RH9 & Master MySQL. My goal is to keep all MySQL data on the
> DATA server. MAIL server & RADIUS servers go to the DATA server for MySQL
> records. Latency is not a problem because all these servers are connected
> on a private (192.168.237.X) network.

right, a relatively common configuration.  I've done multiple
setups (this isn't replication, but vpopmail is configured very similarly.

> After I tested the MAIL server, I tried for it to create a domain on DATA
> server vpopmail database. On the MAIL server I changed the
> "/home/vpopmail/etc/vpopmail.mysql" from:
> localhost|0|vpopmailuser|vpoppasswd|vpopmail  -to-

ok.  make sure your mysql server is listening on TCP port 3306 (which is the

default) and that you can connect to it from the 'MAIL' server.  Telnet 
should suffice.  Once you've determined you can connect to it, make sure you

are able to perform operations on the database using the 'mysql' command
interface (from the MAIL server).

> where is the IP address of the DATA server. I also have
> tried various other techniques but nothing seem to work. When I try adding
> a domain, I get error message:

various other techniques of doing what?  I don't see how this is difficult,
be honest.

> vmysql: sql error[c]: MYSQL server has gone away
> (and slew of other similar error messages)

and those other error messages are?

Usually 'mysql server has gone away' means that the password didn't work.

> Therefore, my question is:
> (1) Has anybody tried setting up vpopmail with MySQL backend data being on
> server (but on the same LAN/network)?


> (2) Is it even possible?


> (3) If not possible, how can I move the user data to the backend MySQL
> server so other servers (such as RADIUS for authentication) can use it?

well, if it wasn't possible (which it is) you're asking how to do the 
impossible....  I don't see how you could expect a solution to an impossible

question :)

> I have spent about two weeks on this project. Your help is highly
> appreciated.

setting up vpopmail with mysql backend shouldn't take more than about 3 


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