My name is Lucas and i work for a isp in argentina
i'm using vpopmail with qmailscanner (all qmail-toaster ) and they're working fine. i'm also have several domains on my server and i'd like to give different services to each one, for example, one domain get clamscanner, another domain get spamassassin and another get both. since this can't be done with the normal (is that right?)  i thought that i could play with the tcpserver rules, setting up different QMAILQUEUE variables for certain domains or even network addresses  but i noted and read on the web that i have to set and export the QMAILQUEUE variable within /var/qmail/supervise/run to work with vpopmail (with pop-before-smtp).
What i want to know is if is necesary to put the QMAILQUEUE variable within the "/var/qmail/supervise/run" script or how to disable the pop-before-smtp vpopmail feature (i cant compile so i hope there's a way with the vpopmail conf files).
if you know other way of doing what i'm trying to do, i really wish to know
thanx a lot

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