>> Hi,
>> I know this is not a vpopmail question, but I looked everywhere (I
>> also tried the qmail mailing list, but haven't received a reply
>> there. :-() to find an answer to this question and hopefully you
>> can help me with this (or at least guide me in the right
>> direction).
>> Okay, here is my question:
>> I use rblsmtpd to block mail from hosts that are listed on some
>> blacklists, but I would like to keep my postmaster address(es)
>> ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) receiving mail from all other hosts, even
>> if they are listed on blacklists. Is there a way to achieve this?
> Hi,
> Since rblsmtpd works before the smtpd connection even occurs, it is
> not  possible to allow email through to a specific account.
> Regards,
> Rick

Thanks Rick, I was afraid for that. :-(
I was looking for a way to allow people to be able to reach me when
they are blocked, so I can explain why they are blocked and help them
to solve it if needed. To bad that rblsmtpd has no option to skip
checking when mail is addressed to a specific address....
- Jasper

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