I doubt this is a MySQL problem. We are using MySQL in several
environments, including vpopmail. My guess is I don't have as many
users as you, since I set my pop3 concurency at 30 with no problems.

Are you running qmail-scanner or spamassassin? These added quite a bit
of load to my mail server (dual 2.8 Xeons, 2GB RAM) but it still
averages at around 0.3 for the 5min average. It will spike if Razor is
slow to respond or one of our customers does a blast e-mail to thier
client base.

You can try and put MySQL on a seperate server and just have vpopmail
connect to the external database and see if that solves any load

BTW, What versions are you running?

On Fri, 25 Jun 2004 09:53:35 -0600, Jorge Valdes
> Hi,
> I have been having problems with resouce utilization with one of my qmail
> servers, which basically boils down to reaching the concurrencylimit of
> tcpserver for my pop3 connections (60) and this brings the server to its
> knees. The only recourse I have left is to reboot, since even console is
> not responsive.
> I have checked my logs, and basically, for each pop3 connection, an
> instance of mysql is generated to check password for a virtual domain user,
> this generates swapping. The load average shoots up to 300 and I have seen
> this go as high as 500.
> The server is running Linux RedHat 7.3 and has 512MB RAM and 1GB SWAP, for
> about 4000 users in 70 virtual domains. It also runs Apache for qmailadmin.
> Since there are not that many users per domain, less than 100 average, will
> CDB Files be a better solution to this problem?
> Currently running vpopmail 5.3.19 and qmailadmin 1.0.15
> --
> Jorge Valdes
> IT Manager
> Intercom El Salvador

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