At 10:57 AM 25/06/2004, Greg Kopp wrote:
I doubt this is a MySQL problem. We are using MySQL in several
environments, including vpopmail. My guess is I don't have as many
users as you, since I set my pop3 concurency at 30 with no problems.

Are you running qmail-scanner or spamassassin? These added quite a bit
of load to my mail server (dual 2.8 Xeons, 2GB RAM) but it still
averages at around 0.3 for the 5min average. It will spike if Razor is
slow to respond or one of our customers does a blast e-mail to thier
client base.

You can try and put MySQL on a seperate server and just have vpopmail
connect to the external database and see if that solves any load

BTW, What versions are you running?

I cannot add more RAM to the server.. :(

I am running qmail-scanner 1.21, spamassassin 2.63(spamd), clamav 0.70, File::Scan 1.15, also I have patched tcpserver to deny connections if the load average is greater than 12 or more than 5 connections from the same IP address. This alleviated the problem temporarily.

I have gathered the following average daily stats:
  438 IMAP connections    0 Rejects due to load/maxip
28708 POP3 connections  308 Rejects due to load/maxip
 7355 SMTP connections  128 Rejects due to load/maxip

   10 Emails due to policy reasons
 2923 Emails due to Virus
  595 Emails due to Spam > 15.0 pts.

   39.4% spam/ham ratio

Each instance of mysql  Ver 11.18 Distrib 3.23.58, for pc-linux (i686) uses

 1055 mysql      9   0 14500 9376 1152 S  0.0  1.8   4:28 mysqld

So when there are several concurrent POP3 connections, another instance of mysql is spawned to query the DB. I think this is whats bringing the server to its knees...

In any case, has anyone done a MySQL to CDB migration?

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